717.394.1623 | 426 S. Queen St. Lancaster, PA 17603

Our Mission

To bring compassion, hope, provision, healing and restoration to individuals, groups and communities.

Our Vision

To become a Center to bring churches and ministries together to deliver Kingdom Human Services in Lancaster County and beyond.

Our Core Values

Lordship of Christ – Through worship, prayer, listening and discernment we will do only what the Father in heaven is directing us to do and the Holy Spirit has revealed.

Harvest minded – The purpose of ministry is to bring the Salvation of Christ to many and the Kingdom of God into their lives.

The Gospel mandate – We are compelled by Christ’s love and commanded by His Word to share the gospel. We will not compromise preaching the truth of Christ’s gospel in exchange for monetary gain, political favor or access, ‘ministry opportunities’ or any other aid, comfort, or benefit. The world will not dictate the content of our message or the execution of our ministry.

Integrity – Personal holiness and integrity characterize the attitudes and action of those who serve with us. Failure to live sanctified lives (according to Scripture) as evidence of our faith and our calling disqualifies us for service.

Corporate Unity – Recognizing the diversity of gifts and styles within the body of Christ, we aim to honor and respect each other, defend each other and maintain a covenant relationship as fellow workers.

Embracing all gifts – We believe that the gifts are still active today as seen in I Corinthians 12, Romans 12, and Ephesians 4.

Our Strategies

Connecting God to man, man to God, the Church and the unchurched to each other, with the unity of many church groups connecting to the city. Providing healing prayer and deliverance to stuck people.